Build your own dream home

If you decided to build your dream, your own home from scratch, it is worth remembering that the first step should be the selection and purchase of a construction project.

First, we should start looking for a suitable plot, as it may be, that the building can not be situated on a parcel whether it is for reasons of its size, location, and the local conditions. Building plots can be found in every corner of the Polish. However bypasses parcels of land, which, despite the fact that they are cheaper, it is not always we can then transform plot of land on which will be in accordance with the law and legally bet the house.

Everything here depends on the local zoning plan and do not let us believe sellers who say they supposedly are going to change in a specific zoning plan and in a year should be possible to transform such a plot. This is the only attempt to stretch the buyer, who on such a plot will only be able to grow corn, and do not bet your dream home.

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