Welding one of the most important discoveries of mankind

Welding is used for centuries, though not in the form known today. One of the first welding process was welding. He blacksmith warming up the two pieces of metal, and then hitting them with great force combined.

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Since then, enormous progress has been made in the world of welding. New methods and techniques meant that welding has left the boundaries of the land and can be done practically anywhere – even underwater or in outer space!

As you can guess from the history of welding, the possibility of combining two or more pieces of metal together a strong weld one of the greatest achievements of mankind in all walks of life, from housing to transportation, from production to repair. Understanding welding basics can come in handy at work, in the home, in the workshop or on the farm. In view of the fact that welding is a skill that anyone can possess – whether male or female, young or old.

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