How to choose the windows to our house?

The purchase of windows into the newly built home is a big challenge. We visit another showrooms and compare windows offer. Unfortunately, we do not always know whether we made the right choice.

Profile depth

The decisive advantage of the windows should be the depth of the profile. At the moment, we are available to the customer profile of the depth of 70 mm, 82 mm, 90 mm. Depth determines how many cells have the desired profile. Number of chambers in turn influences the thermal insulation performance of the whole window. The greater the number of compartments the better the thermal performance of the window. The width of the profile depends on the glazing. We must remember the purpose of windows. Therefore, you should inform the windows vendor about special applications of our windows.

Reinforcements and fittings

Other important elements are the strengthening and fittings. Strengthening the profile of the windows with galvanized steel with a thickness of 1.5 mm in the frame and at least 1.5 mm in the wing. As a result, the window may have a heavier glass packages, eg. Burglar.

windows Szczecin

On the parameters of the windows affects applied the appropriate fittings. The most commonly used are the hardware break and swing. The windows mounted fittings are hidden – fittings do not go beyond the outline of the frame and keep the wing heavier than traditional. Security windows have additional locking points that impede tampering has windows. Also new are black fittings NTS. Characterized by a modern design and superior corrosion resistance.

Extras: air vents, door handles, window sills

When choosing windows we must remember the details, such as window air vents, door handles with a key, suitable for the safety of children and pets, or sills.

But the most important thing in all this is properly installed window. Even the window with the best performance, badly fitted, does not fulfill its role. It is therefore important addition to the price of windows to ask about the experience of teams of window assemblers. Random people should not install our windows.

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