The use of fasteners in the hydraulic system

All companies engaged in activities related to the hydraulics, offer a wide range of fittings for hydraulic hoses. We have to choose fasteners division for fasteners with metric threads and inch threads BSP and UNF. For fasteners with metric threads we include: straight connectors, nuts, M, connectors bulkhead, connection pipe straight, knees, elbows and adjustable tees. While the threaded fasteners inch include straight connectors, couplings, elbows, reducers and connection pipe tees.

Industrial hoses are designed for special tasks, such as for compressed air, to water-distribution industry, to transfer petroleum products, sandblasting, shot blasting, plastering and transport concrete. It is important that the fasteners are high-quality and properly installed. Therefore, the offer could not miss the quick-elements such as quick mushroom, butterfly or twisted. Also, hydraulic valves represent a considerable family, and there are ball valves, two-way, three-way, four-way or non-return shut-off. There are also overflow valves, throttle-return throttle, rotary linear and rotational angle.

industrial hoses

In addition to the lower level of fasteners get other elements such as glycerine pressure gauges, hydraulic steering manually, pipe grips, guards spiral or metal-rubber pads. The entire range of fittings for hydraulic hoses are the basis of business in the field of hydraulics.

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