Packing accessories

Cardboard boxes alone are not always enough to ensure safety in the transport and storage of goods. It often happens that we need to equip our cardboard packaging with appropriate additional accessories.

Carton equipment

The equipment of cartons is often more important than their construction. An additional assortment can be both a decorative element and give the box additional functions. Thanks to the appropriate elements, you can protect the cartons from deformation and prevent the elements from moving inside the carton.

Typically used items of this type are:

  • inserts,
  • trusses separating small elements,
  • dust jackets,
  • spacers,
  • hard angles,
  • corners,
  • trays,
  • cardboard tubes,
  • polystyrene protection.

All such elements are usually tailored to a given need to minimize the movement of elements inside the carton and thus minimize the risk of damage or movement of elements.


Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is an extremely popular material used in the broadly understood logistics. Plastic foil threaded with air bubbles, which breaks under pressure and absorbs the impact of unwrapped objects, was invented in 1957.

Foil is commonly used when sending damaged items in letters and parcels. Many times, several layers of bubble wrap are used to additionally protect the stored item from damage.

The foil itself is also often used as a toy for children due to its characteristic sound when the bubbles are punctured and the fact that it is harmless to health.

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