Spectacular development of passenger transport

Poland’s accession to the European Union and the opening of the Western labor market to Polish workers resulted in a great wave of emigration to Western European countries. Both young and old people, single people, but also whole families left.

These hundreds of thousands of people suddenly began to travel between Poland and the countries of Western Europe. This created a need for cheap, comfortable and safe transport. This need was partly met by the development of low-cost airlines. However, it did not solve the problems of the Polish province, workers living far from airports and communication centers on a daily basis.

Business hates a vacuum, so this niche was quickly filled by small companies that transport people using small buses for several people. At the moment, several thousand such companies compete on the transport market, transporting employees from Poland to cities, towns and villages in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and other European countries.

busy do Holandii Bydgoszcz

All these carriers operate in a similar way. A bus for several people picks up the passenger from his door and takes him to the indicated address in the Netherlands or Germany. Passengers returning home are taken on the return journey. Thanks to this convenient system, passengers do not have to worry about tickets, transport to the bus or railway station. They are just waiting for the bus at their place of residence or work.

Buses to the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany enabled the whole group of employees to safely and comfortably transport to their destination. In particular, the whole sector of caregivers for the elderly welcomes this opportunity, for which there is a huge demand in Western countries with heavily aging populations.

Transport by bus is not as convenient as traveling by plane or train, but it is cheap, accessible, and the owners of the buses try to ensure the maximum possible comfort of travel. Modern 9-seater buses are equipped with comfortable armchairs, parking heater, wi-fi, or, for example, a DVD system. The vehicles undergo regular technical inspections, and their owners have all the permits and licenses required by law. To further increase the safety of travelers, the buses have a double crew of drivers.

For many people going to work abroad, buses to Western Europe are an ideal and often chosen means of transport.

Source: www.zorrotrans.pl

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