Building materials from the company Isolacje Polska

DIY Isolacje Polska located in Szczecin Świerczewska Street 5. We do business based on the sale of building materials from reputable companies. We are also a warehouse factory Röben. In addition to the products of Röben we have wide range of companies such as: IBF, Izolex, Fakro, Matizol, Ursa, Wavin – Canyon, Plannja Siba and MdM.

Our product range is of the highest quality building materials, such as:

  • tiles and clay tiles
  • tiles and clinker bricks
  • concrete tile
  • gutter systems
  • chimneys
  • insulation materials
  • tiles and clay tiles and many other products.

Our warehouse Isolacje Polska provide you with a comprehensive service. Our employees count the amount of building materials required in subsequent stages of construction and will manage the selection of appropriate materials. We provide transportation of purchased goods in our warehouse to the given place of construction.

We take advantage of the wide range of products of the highest quality in the best-stocked warehouse building in Szczecin.

Isolacje Polska Świerczewska Street 5 Szczecin Poland, phone. +48.914856593.

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