Gates and fences from the company H.A.P. Borysiewicz from Szczecin

The company H.A.P. Tomasz Borysiewicz operates commercial service in Szczecin. It offers the best quality garage doors of reputable companies Wiƛniowski and Krispol. We offer garage doors with full automation and drives to the gates. Garage doors are dedicated to all lovers of good taste and modern look of their homes. For companies we recommend industrial doors installment in a modern and multi-functionality. Important to the gate is to meet all the expectations of our customers, so we work comprehensively, from the main product, additional elements for the functioning of the gates to install the purchased product.

The second most important sales are industrial and residential fences. We recommend industrial fencing dedicated to the industry with excellent functionality depending on the type of work performed and the company’s needs. Residential fences we offer to all customers who care about their privacy and modern design of their homes. We realize every order, even the most daring.

We will make that the world around you is a colorful and practical.

All customers are welcome to our office in Szczecin, ul. Braniborska 36 A, tel./fax +48 (91) 483 47 38 or mob. +48 602 175 730

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