Hoses skiving machines – types

Machines for many years helping their owners by doing for them tedious work, which translates into greater productivity and efficiency. Best quality equipment we can very long and trouble-free to serve if they are properly maintained. One such device is hose skiving machine. This is one of the most useful machines or devices in the field of hydraulic systems used for precision work. It is mainly used to remove the outer or inner surface of the rubber hoses or insulation. Undoubtedly, one of the leading manufacturers of hoses skiving machines is the German company “Uniflex”. Currently, there are several types of skiving machines:

  • Manual skiving machines – economic
  • Semi-automatic skiving machines
  • Electric skiving machines

Manual skiving machines

Manual skiving machines to hydraulic and industrial hoses are usually designed so that you can put them in a vise. As a rule, they are designed to work in the field or to the small workshops that deal with the hydraulic hose assembly. Skiving manually enable fast installation of the modules skinning external and internal, they are excellent for variable diameter and length of the hose. They characterized by a solid performance with good quality materials and practically most of them are trouble-free.

Semi-automatic skiving machines

Skiving hoses semiautomatic addition to skinning are also used to hose assembly. Usually they have a very comfortable control with manual control, which translates into comfort and safety, because in a very simple and quick way to disable the motor skiving. Low, but the optimum power of the engine provides good turnover and quiet, economical operation.

Electric skiving machines

Electric skiving machines now offer much more room for manouver. The fully automated skórowarka allows for quick and easy serial barking both the outer and inner surface of the hydraulic hoses. It is not necessary here because the strength of the human muscle skiving machine is equipped with convenient control (eg. With a foot pedal), which provides comfort and increases safety. Such machines just regular cleaning and care of the equipment so that they can serve us for a long time.


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