Hoses in the service of hydraulics

Hydraulics can not do without small parts, which efficiently interact with each other. These components include, among others, hydraulic, industrial and teflon hoses.

Hydraulic hoses

Hydraulic hoses are manufactured from the highest quality materials that allow for durable and reliable operation of hydraulic systems. There we offer the world’s largest manufacturers such as: Exitflex, Gates, TeknoHose or Vitilio. In addition, there are special purpose hoses which the outer layer is smooth and has improved abrasion and hydraulic hoses with higher working pressure and a small bending radius.

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Industrial Hoses

Second products are industrial hoses. These hoses are used in industry in many fields, such as construction, automotive and agriculture. The market offers industrial suction hoses, which are designed for industry, petroleum products (oil, gasoline), oil-resistant hoses for oil and gasoline, which are suitable for operation at -40°C – +80°C. Further products are hoses for air and water hoses resisting. Industrial Hoses are designed to work in difficult conditions and should be properly installed.

Made of teflon hoses

In the service of hydraulic hoses they are also known as teflon or PTFE hoses. There are specialized hoses, which are used in extreme conditions. Primarily used for transmission of water vapor, gases, oil at high temperature or acids and bases. Properties of teflon hoses are mainly high chemical resistance and working in extreme temperature conditions from – 70°C to 260°C.

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