Attractions at the seaside

We’ve just started our holidays. There is no weather over our beloved Polish sea and what to do? We need time to organize our family. And we have plenty of time, because of a long vacation.

Suppose that we are in Kolobrzeg. Kolobrzeg is a beautiful city, which attracts tourists with sights and attractions. We visit the Fuse Tower, Brunszwicki’s Palace, historic town hall in the city center, the famous lighthouse. The lighthouse stands at a height of 26 m above the terrain, height of the find at a height of 36 m above the sea level. We can not forget the famous pier. Molo is a newly renovated reinforced concrete structure, which now shines beautiful light show. Ideal place for evening walks accompanied by the sea breeze.

Kolobrzeg is also a great accommodation. Accommodation base is a choice between cheap overnight stays in guest houses, villas, private houses and luxury hotels. We choose what is best for us. Some like the perfect accommodation where you can feel at home. Others choose breakfast in bed by buoys hotel.

In Kolobrzeg at every step we are informed about free rooms to stay, so there should be no problem with the reservation of rooms. A reservation can be made in various ways: by phone, email or through social media.

It is important that the time that we spend with the family was fully utilized. City Kolobrzeg waiting for tourists with open arms.

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